Ongoing Project

Environmental Awareness And Training Program /

In order to increase the awareness and farmer’s income and to overcome the world wide problem to environment pollution the Manav Kaushal Vikas Association is conducting the awareness and farmer prosperity project today farmers have stopped planting trees in their fields. Because our farmers have no .......... Read More

Sewing Embroidery Awareness /

Sewing Embroidery Training Institute which is going to conduct the project across the entire, Manav Vikas Kaushal Association of India which is recognized by the government of India. For the purpose of making the urban rural girls and women self reliant, sewing embroidery will be taught at Rs. 10 pe .......... Read More

Child Education Awareness /

In today’s race, the level of education is falling down very fast, many educational institutions are working with such perception. Education has become a trade route here. Several scheme of the government of India have been launched to promote education. In spite of such as NDLM, UEE Sarva Shiksha A .......... Read More

Organic Farming Awareness Program /

Today, the farmers of our country are using chemical medicine and chemical fertilizers in large quantities to get higher yields. So that many new disease have taken birth here. To overcome this problem, awareness will be made for organic farming by Manav Kaushal Vikas Association. Organic food and m .......... Read More

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