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In order to increase the awareness and farmer’s income and to overcome the world wide problem to environment pollution the Manav Kaushal Vikas Association is conducting the awareness and farmer prosperity project today farmers have stopped planting trees in their fields. Because our farmers have no other option than to plant poplar or eucalyptus trees need more water. Due to which the farmer need more water due to which the land of the farmer is becoming barren to overcome the problem of the farmer the sandal plant is being provided by Manav Kaushal Vikas Association which will save the farmer land from the barren. And the income of farmer will also increase of the problem of environment will also be removed.
This will increase the income of farmer and purify the environment.
Our organization Manav Kaushal Vikas Association has taken a very commendable decision in the field of environment. So that farmers can get maximum benefit from the organization.

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