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In today’s race, the level of education is falling down very fast, many educational institutions are working with such perception. Education has become a trade route here. Several scheme of the government of India have been launched to promote education. In spite of such as NDLM, UEE Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan etc. private education contractors have reduced the level of education in India to a great extent compared to other countries.
In such a situation, we have to take many steps keeping in mind the bright future of our children. Which includes various types of coaching centers like option and home education? But still the foundation of primary education and adult education and adult education of our country is getting very weak.
But now Manav Kaushal Vikas Association is one of our organizations which is running a united campaign all over India to remove these various education flaws. As a result, Gram panchayat and ward level of various states are opening centers to strengthen primary education and make a concerted efforts to improve primary education along with making people aware of the fundamental right to education. Our organization is making this work successful according to the guidelines of the Government of India on the basis of no profit- no loss. So that the level of education of children and the future of the country can rise.
This first priority of our organization is running a campaign to provide better education to the children of such poor families and especially the girls. Those who are living below the poverty line. Those who are engaged in child labor for their livelihood and are unable to take education. Manav Kaushal Vikas Association is running a full India campaign to provide free education to such to such children.

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